Snyk vs Checkmarx

Why choose Snyk over Checkmarx for AppSec?

Snyk brings development and security together, automating security in the tools and workflows developers use while also providing the essential visibility, governance, and reporting that security teams need.

Embed real-time security into your dev toolkit

Your security team is outnumbered by developers. Snyk’s real-time SAST and SCA vulnerability scanning and automated fix suggestions in the IDE and PR workflows ensure security from the start and throughout the SDLC, at the speed and scale you need to maintain your developers' velocity.

Developer-first AppSec

Snyk finds vulns and provides fix guidance within developer tools and workflows so developers can choose a fix that works in the context of their whole application and apply it with a click, instead of providing a laundry list of vulnerabilities.

Fast & simple from the start

Snyk scans code in-line as developers write and commit it, breaking free of the lengthy scan times of Checkmarx.

Platform, not disparate pieces

Snyk gives you holistic application security from code to cloud with full application context risk prioritization, not just another puzzle piece to fit into your stack. 

Snyk and Checkmarx comparison

See why AppSec teams pick Snyk over Checkmarx when they look for a security platform.




AI guardrails

Security at the speed of AI development

Use AI securely. Snyk Code works alongside your generative AI coding tools, with automatic inline fix suggestions to prevent insecure AI code from entering your codebase.


Checkmarx SAST lacks real-time scanning in the IDE, so developers have to revisit code to fix their own — and AI-generated — security issues.

Dev-first container coverage


Snyk Container provides actionable remediation advice and one-click fixes for both official and custom base images, rather than just a list of vulnerabilities.


Checkmarx has limited container coverage, leaving customers blind to vulns/issues within their containers.

Fast & accurate scanning


Snyk scans your code fast as it’s being written — averaging speeds 2.4x faster than similar solutions with high accuracy scores on the OWASP benchmark and increasing developer utilization of scans.


Checkmarx requires heavy customisation by security experts to reduce false positives.

Advanced proprietary AI


DeepCode AI is a security-specific, hybrid AI and ML engine trained and updated by Snyk security researchers.


Checkmarx relies on a GPT-based AI model to suggest code fixes.

Why Snyk is the best Checkmarx alternative

Snyk empowers developers to fix security issues with real-time scanning based on the context of their full application, while policies and rules set by security teams help achieve shift-left maturity.

Accelerate developer adoption with Snyk’s IDE plugins

Snyk adds security directly into IDEs with real-time vulnerability scanning and provides actionable fix advice in-line so developers can fix issues quickly and move on. 82.7% of Snyk customers surveyed reported improvements in their developer processes vs. before implementing Snyk.

Complete coverage across the modern application stack

Whereas Checkmarx has limited container coverage, Snyk secures your entire application stack including code, open source libraries, containers, and infrastructure as code.

Risk-based security across your enterprise 

Reduce application risk at scale, with complete application discovery, tailored security controls, and risk-based prioritization, providing a complete picture of your application.

Eliminate container vulns from the start

Snyk Container lets developers know the risks in each image, and provides one-click upgrades and alternative image recommendations, enabling them to start from the most secure base image.

Trusted by industry leaders

See what our customers are saying about the Snyk developer security platform.

Millions of developers build securely with Snyk


“When it comes to developer productivity gains, the recent explosion of generative AI innovation has been welcomed by many with a mixture of enthusiasm and relief. As a security leader, however, my foremost responsibility is to ensure that all of the code we create, whether AI-generated or human-written, is secure by design. By using Snyk Code’s AI static analysis and its latest innovation, DeepCode AI Fix, our development and security teams can now ensure we’re both shipping software faster as well as more securely.”

Steve Pugh


Snyk was named in the 2023 Gartner AST MQ, the 2023 Forrester SAST and SCA Waves, 2022 Gartner Customers’ Choice, and is trusted by thousands of customers.

Snyk customers realized savings of an average of $5.08 Million based on risk avoidance and developer efficiency gains, as well as a 70% increase in automated remediation.

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Snyk is a developer security platform. Integrating directly into development tools, workflows, and automation pipelines, Snyk makes it easy for teams to find, prioritize, and fix security vulnerabilities in code, dependencies, containers, and infrastructure as code. Supported by industry-leading application and security intelligence, Snyk puts security expertise in any developer’s toolkit.

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