What is Snyk?

Snyk is a developer security platform that enables application and cloud developers to secure their whole application — finding and fixing vulnerabilities from their first lines of code to their running cloud.

The Snyk platform

Secure your proprietary code, open source dependencies, container images, and cloud infrastructure all from a single, unified platform.

Snyk enables developers to fix security issues quickly

Snyk is everywhere you are, providing actionable fix advice right from the tools and workflows you already use.

Industry-leading security intelligence

Snyk security researchers augment their expertise with advanced ML and human-in-the-loop AI so we can provide the most accurate, timely and comprehensive intelligence on the market. This security intel is the foundation of our platform, spanning the Snyk Intel Vulnerability Database, the Snyk Code knowledge base, and our Cloud/IaC unified policy engine.

Easy integration throughout the SDLC

Snyk meets you where you are, weaving security expertise into your existing tools, so you can find and fix vulnerabilities right from your IDEs, repos, pipelines, container registries, and more.

Risk-based security across your enterprise

Reduce application risk at scale, with complete application discovery, tailored security controls, and risk-based prioritization.

Governance at scale

Snyk provides the flexible controls and visibility you need to standardize security and enforce best practices across your applications without impeding development.

Snyk is where you are

Snyk integrates into the tools and workflows you already use, so you don't need to learn a new app to stay secure.


Run the Snyk CLI locally, or in your CI/CD pipeline to scan your projects for security issues, including security vulnerabilities and license issues.


Snyk builds security into your IDE, scanning your code, open source code, containers, and cloud for vulnerabilities and providing actionable fix advice.


Snyk integrates with a variety of source control managers (SCMs) to help you track, monitor, and fix the issues and vulnerabilities in your code.

Container registries

With container registry integrations — like Docker Hub — you can easily choose a secure base image and ensure any tools and libraries they add are safe.

Snyk web UI

Centralize monitoring and implement governance and compliance with dashboards, policies, and reports.


Implement Snyk from a variety of third-party marketplaces, like those from AWS, Azure, Atlassian, JetBrains, GitHub, and more.


You have questions? We have answers.

How does Snyk work?

Snyk tests for vulnerabilities in your own code, open source dependencies, container images, infrastructure as code configurations, and cloud environments and offers context, prioritization, and remediation.

Who is Snyk for?

Snyk is a developer-focused security platform for everyone responsible for securing code. This includes developers, DevOps, Security, DevSecOps, Compliance, AppSec, and any other team that asks the question, “Is this software safe to put out in the world?”

Is Snyk free?

Snyk has a Free forever plan, as well as paid plans for small development teams to large enterprise organizations. Visit our plans page to learn which option is right for you. Additionally, Snyk is free for open source projects.

What languages does Snyk support?

Snyk supports: JavaScript, Java (Gradle, Maven), .NET, Python, Golang, Swift, Objective-C (CocoaPods), Scala, Ruby, PHP, Bazel, Terraform, CloudFormation, Azure Resource Manager, Kubernetes, and Dockerfiles. Learn about Snyk’s language coverage in our support documentation.

What products and platforms does Snyk offer?

Snyk’s developer security platform integrates four key products: 

  • Snyk Code and Snyk Open Source cover your own code and supply chain of 3rd-party open source code packages.

  • Snyk Container extends supply chain coverage so you pick the best foundation to build container images upon and fix Linux and application vulnerabilities.

  • Snyk Infrastructure as Code (Snyk IaC) provides a unified policy engine to secure your cloud configurations from code to cloud.

Which tools, IDEs, and platforms does Snyk integrate with?

Taking a developer-first approach to security, Snyk integrates with leading IDE, repository, CI/CD, runtime, registry, and issue management tools.

How does Snyk’s security and vulnerability data compare to other vulnerability databases?

Our security intelligence database, also known as the Snyk Intel Vulnerability Database, covers 3x more vulnerabilities than the next largest public database. Snyk’s Intel Vulnerability Database is maintained by a dedicated research team that combines public sources, contributions from the developer community, proprietary research, and machine learning to continuously adapt to the changing and expanding nature of security threats.

Does Snyk have a CLI?

You can use the CLI for scanning and monitoring on your local machine, and integrate it into your pipeline. You can use the Snyk CLI to scan your applications, containers, and infrastructure as code for security vulnerabilities.You can install the CLI via npm, Homebrew, Scoop, or manually. Learn more in our Snyk CLI documentation.

Does Snyk have an API?

Snyk’s extensibility and API enable developers to tune Snyk’s security automation to their specific workflows, ensuring both developer experience and consistent platform governance. Learn more in our Snyk API documentation and see how our customers like Twilio and Spotify use the Snyk API in their workflows.

Does Snyk prioritization span my entire application?

Snyk has a complete view of how your app was written, built, deployed, and run. We can also model your biggest threats and risk, and prioritize the most urgent fixes for developers to implement to help your company stay safe.

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Snyk is a developer security platform. Integrating directly into development tools, workflows, and automation pipelines, Snyk makes it easy for teams to find, prioritize, and fix security vulnerabilities in code, dependencies, containers, and infrastructure as code. Supported by industry-leading application and security intelligence, Snyk puts security expertise in any developer’s toolkit.

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